Introduction to Java

Java is an incredibly popular and widespread programming language present in many of the games and websites you use on a daily basis. For example, if you have ever played Minecraft, that game was made entirely through java. Java is an excellent language for developing desktop and mobile applications, embedded systems, large data processing, and so on and so forth. Java is one of the most popular languages, being on over 3 billion devices in the world. The language takes a little getting used to, but once the basics are mastered, the applications and potential are endless.

This Course

This course will focus on all of the basics needed for a solid understanding of java programming. Using these skills, one will be able to create advanced algorithms, games, and even graphical user interfaces.

The only requirements for this class are:

  1. A computer running any sort of operating system, preferably one that you can create files on and download files on.
  2. A text editor. For example, eclipse for MacBooks, and IntelliJ for windows.
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